Experimental Films


10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Columbus College of Art & Design

60 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus, OH 43215


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Step outside your comfort zone in this selection of boundary-pushing experimental films. Presented at no cost in CCAD’s Beeler Gallery, these films will run on a loop throughout the day.


Films include:


Director: Mitchell Rose

Runtime: 3 minutes, 29 seconds

This digital dance film ' a cubist reimagining of the body ' explores metaphors for human boundaries and separation.


In a Free Sound Field

Director: Monteith McCollum

Runtime: 10 minutes, 40 seconds

In a home filled with rare art objects from around the world, a disjunctured set of tales unravels about the travels of collector Don Boros. Dislocating fact from fiction and time from place, the tales are intermixed with the notable text Sensations of Tone by 19th-century physicist Hermann von Helmholtz. In a Free Sound Field is the third in a trilogy of films exploring sound.



Director: Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson

Runtime: 1 minute, 30 seconds

A meditation of emigration and immigration, house and home.


My Heart is a Lure

Director: Patrick Moser

Runtime: 10 minutes, 22 seconds

A "how" question is posed and possibly answered in this experimental performance that explores the tidal landscape of North Florida with masks and puppets to reveal rhythms of seeking and releasing.


The Source is a Hole 

Director: Madsen Minax

Runtime: 9 minutes

Through a series of love letters to feminine deities, The Source is a Hole reveals the authors hunger for an absent lover while telling a series of disparately interconnected stories, ranging from the authors inception at the 1982 worlds fair to his attempt to remove a lodged tampon. A disembodied voice recounts memories and longings, both real and imagined; as stories merge past and future, a poetic scene emerges. Dreams and erotics proliferate as landscape, pornography, animation, the everyday, reenactment, archival imagery, and appropriated footage coalesce. 


Wait Pretty Butterfly 

Director: Brynne McGregor

Runtime: 4 minutes, 10 seconds

Wait Pretty Butterfly is an experimental sensory study on authorship. The film comprises audio and visual samples blended with original footage and an original score by Brynne McGregor. It is an exploration that juxtaposes primary content from sources of inspiration with original content that is in many ways the result of that inspiration. 



Director: Kristin Bonelli Pearson

Runtime: 3 minutes, 19 seconds

A stop-motion dream illustrating the futility of a good nights rest. 



Director: Kimberly Burleigh

Runtime: 4 minutes 53 seconds

Periphery is a 3D computer animation featuring an excerpt from Sir Alfred Hitchcocks film Stage Fright, projected through a shape-shifting crystalline screen. The motion picture is revealed in refracted glimpses in the margins of the screen and is synchronized to the dialogue; an intense conversation that ricochets among perplexion, deception, confession, delusion, consolation, and threats, through to deceptive maneuvering.