Faye Driscoll: Thank You for Coming: Space


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$13 - $24

Wexner Center Performance Space

1871 N High St., Columbus, OH 43210

(614) 292-3535

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Thank You for Coming: Space

The final installment of her Wex-supported movement trilogy, Faye Driscoll’s intimate performance Thank You for Coming: Space is a shared, liberating ritual that confronts life’s final flourishing.

Alone with the audience, Bessie Award–winning performance-maker Driscoll constructs a temporary world in Space that’s upheld by pulleys, ropes, and the weight of others to invoke sensations of absence. Like the other critically acclaimed works in the Thank You for Coming series—Attendance (2014) and Play (2016)—Space extends performance’s sphere of influence to create a communal arena where every movement, sensation, and interaction is heightened, palpable, and questioned. At its center is the human body: self-contained, built for action, and driven by its longing for the world.

Thank You for Coming: Space was supported through a Wexner Center Artist Residency Award. Thank You for Coming: Attendance was presented at the Wexner Center in 2016. Thank You for Coming: Play, supported by an Artist Residency Award, premiered at the Wexner Center in 2016.