Flanders Recorder Quartet - "The Final Chapter"


Sun. 3 - 5 PM


Huntington Recital Hall, Capital University

2199 E. Main St., Bexley, OH 43209

(614) 973-1961

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In The Final Chapter, Flanders Recorder Quartet delivers its signature style for the last time after 30 years of incredible music-making. The ensemble introduces a new program every anniversary year, one that is not only a fiery plea for the instrument, but likewise touches the senses of the listeners and quickens the pulse. In their last program, several centuries are explored with compositions varying between old and new, including two new commissions. The Final Chapter  is a tremendous celebration of the recorder, one final burst of colorful fireworks.


Flanders Recorder Quartet is considered one of the world's top ensembles. After more than 1800 concerts in 42 countries on five continents, including some in world-famous concert halls in Tokyo, New York, and Salzburg, the ensemble has attained a prominent position in the world of Early Music. Numerous prizewinning recordings have been made for record companies such as Harmonia Mundi, Archiv/Deutsche Grammophon, Ricercar, and OPUS III. Their extensive collection of instruments and highly virtuosic performance of a richly varied program makes each concert an unforgettable experience and allows the recorder, one of the most important instruments of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, to shine in splendor.


"...combining the breathy timbre of a portative organ with the expressive interplay of a fine string quartet..." ~ The New York Times