From the Market: Brooke Olivares-Caloiaro, Jason Morgan, Sally Tharp and Richard Lillash

5/5/17 - 5/28/17

Recurring daily

Tues.-Sat., 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Sun. 1-5 p.m., Closed Mondays


Brandt-Roberts Galleries

642 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 223-1655


"From the Market" will feature the work of four Brandt-Roberts Galleries artists: Sally Tharp, Richard Lilliash, Brooke Olivares-Caloiaro, and Jason Morgan.  Each artist will show a contemporary view of the long and historic tradition of portraying food in artwork. This exhibition will particularly focus on the foods these artists gather from their local fresh markets. Their subjects will appear in many forms, from growth, to harvest, to preparation, to consumption.    

The depiction of food in art spans across cultures and all of recorded human history.  From the Greeks and Romans, to the Old Masters, to contemporary artists, many generations of artists have partaken in this artistic tradition.  Whether created to express a bountiful harvest, to boast an artist's talent, or signify the wealth of a patron, food as the symbolic subject of artwork has been a consistent endeavor among painters.  Foodscapes in art faded in the 20th century.  However, with the advent of social media and smart phones, resurgence has occurred.  Platforms like Instagram allow individuals to share images of their food tableaus in a romanticized light, not dissimilar to the grandiose Dutch still-lifes of the 15th century.    

This exhibit aims to contemporize the food painting with these new outlets in mind. These four artists will celebrate memorable food, the eat-local movement, and the role that food plays in our everyday lives and experiences.  Join us in enjoying vibrant, delectable, and delicious paintings this May!