Gallery Night: "Ten by Three"


7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Wild Goose Creative

2491 Summit Street, Columbus, OH 43202

(614) 859-9453

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Wild Goose Creative is a huge supporter of Creative Babes and wants to partner with them for our August show. "Ten by Three," a Badass Portrait Series is a show we couldn't pass on including in our Summer Gallery series.  Join us on August 5th for Gallery Night, featuring works by three local badass photographers.




Ten by Three. It's ten women photographed by three women. It's freedom to dance around in your underwear. It's cause for neon shadows. It's finding beauty in darkness. We created Ten by Three knowing that the artist flexes her creative muscles as she develops, polishes and hones a multitude of artistic styles. We're not defined by one style or technique. We're boldly different, uniquely individualistic. We're untethered to expectations of craft. We feel moments differently. Our differences are what brought us together, and they are bursting through each of our diverse perspectives in Ten by Three.