Ghosts of the Garden: Guided Paranormal Investigation


7:00 PM


The Garden Theater

1187 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43201

(954) 725-4042

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The historic Garden Theater has long been known to be a haunted landmark in the heart of Columbus, and a recent paranormal investigation by the Greater Ohio Spirit Trackers has confirmed that the theater is still an active site today.

October 30th we have a special opportunity to encounter the spirits of the Garden in a paranormal investigation guided by the Greater Ohio Spirit Trackers. From 7pm-8pm there will be a brief historical talk on the long and scandalous history of the theater with an introduction to paranormal investigation over drinks in Ethel's Stage Left Lounge. The guided investigation will run from 8:30pm-3am.  

Space is limited to 22. All proceeds will benefit the preservation of The Garden Theater. 

Please note this is not a show! You will be joining an active paranormal investigation and will need to wear appropriate clothing for walking through basement spaces, such as tennis shoes and pants.