Grace Martin Taylor and the Provincetown Printers

12/13/19 - 1/10/20

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300 E. Beck St., Columbus, OH 43206

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Grace Martin Taylor (1903-1995), was a diversely talented artist, who mastered the post- impressionist, lyrically patterned “white-line” (one block) Provincetown woodcut technique principally from 1925 through 1939, to which she was first exposed and taught by her cousin, the renowned Provincetown woodcut artist, Blanche Lazzell. The artist had a unique passion for curving organic forms and the lyrical movement of those forms within pictorial space that distinguishes her art from that of Blanche Lazzell. There is an intimacy and organic vitality about most of Grace Martin Taylor’s woodcuts, drawings, watercolors and paintings that is different than the more formal, intellectualized cubist inspired woodcuts of Lazzell, despite Lazzell’s great skill and national recognition. 

Grace was adventurous and inquisitive. She sought instruction from many excellent teachers who were also outstanding artists throughout her career. She studied with the gifted fauvist and expressionist artist Arthur Carless, at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art from 1922-1924. He was and remains well recognized for his painterly, sensuous fauvist paintings of nudes and his dynamic, cubist inspired, yet richly hued still lifes.