Irish Experience Tavern Bus Tour


6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Claddagh Irish Pub

585 S. Front Street

Suite 100 E

Columbus, OH 43215


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Celebrate everything Irish on this tour beginning at Claddagh Irish Pub, 585 South Front Street, in the Brewery District. The Claddagh is a 17th century symbol of clasped hands (friendship), a heart (love), and a crown (loyalty). Although built in 2001, Claddagh's interior is quite authentic. While many associate "Irish Broadway" and St. Patricks Church as the heart of the Irish community in Columbus, Irish immigrants worked and lived along the river on the west and south sides in now forgotten areas once known as the Bowery, Tin Town, Flytown, and Middletown.


On this tour you will learn how the Irish have an interesting and complicated history in the capital city. You will also experience traditions that are kept alive at re-created pubs and venerable clubs in Columbus today.


From our first stop, we will travel by shuttle to the Shamrock Club, 60 W. Castle Rd., for more stories, and then to Tara Hall, 274 E. Innis, where history, tradition, music, and the Ancient Order of Hibernians reside in a re-purposed building. The bus will return to Claddagh at approximately 9:30 p.m. A few appetizers are included along the way, but you may want to arrive early to Claddagh if you wish to order dinner as time is limited at each venue. Drinks and dinner are not included in the ticket price.


Irish or not, you will discover more about Columbus history, architecture, and neighborhoods ... just in time for St. Patrick's Day! Your ticket purchase supports the work of Columbus Landmarks as we advocate for historic preservation and new design excellence in our city! We thank you!