Karen Sapp: Encaustics Opening Reception


3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Highline Coffee Co.

693 High St., Worthington, OH 43085

(614) 992-2899

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Meet central Ohio artist Karen Sapp as she discusses her personal effort to be authentic but vulnerable through her encaustic paintings.

Sometimes I'm conflicted about how much I share, but it doesn’t feel right unless I’m digging deep," Karen relates. "I’m most satisfied when I forget about how people might perceive my art. Instead, I get caught up in the smell of burning wax and pigment. When I get lost in the process, I find it comforting and I'm at peace. We all have stories to tell. Whether they are about overcoming pain, feats of bravery, or just daily trials and tribulations, each one of us faces strife in our life, but we also have blessings. If you open yourself up and shed some of the outer layers, you may find where love is living.”

For the holiday season, a select collection of her work will be available for immediate sale during the exhibit.