Karen Sapp: Encaustics

12/2/19 - 1/3/20

Recurring daily

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Highline Coffee Co.

693 High St., Worthington, OH 43085

(614) 992-2899

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To usher in the holiday season, central Ohio artist Karen Sapp exhibits her encaustic paintings at Worthington’s Highline Coffee Art Space in December, where a select collection of her work will be available for immediate sale. An artist reception is scheduled for Saturday, December 14, 3-5pm.

“The process I use to create my work mimics a personal effort to reveal what’s inside,” Sapp explains. “Scraping away the encaustic medium unveils the colors of the paint layers underneath. As I do that, I marvel at what I have exposed. Often it’s not intentional, but beautiful nonetheless. I strive to live authentically and by revealing myself through my work, I believe I have the ability to help others.”

Sapp says that while her paintings are “about being vulnerable, they also honor those experiences that brought me to this place. Sometimes I'm conflicted about how much I share, but it doesn’t feel right unless I’m digging deep. I’m most satisfied when I forget about how people might perceive my art. Instead, I get caught up in the smell of burning wax and pigment. When I get lost in the process, I find it comforting and I'm at peace.”

Describing her formal art training as a melange, Sapp spent time making art at school while attending Saturday classes at Columbus College of Art and Design and going to a neighbor's house for lessons. In college, every elective course was either a painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, printing, or art history course. Even now, when Sapp isn't painting, she teaches preschoolers to experiment with materials and processes by using their imaginations to release inhibitions.

“We all have stories to tell,” Sapp relates. “Whether they are about overcoming pain, feats of bravery, or just daily trials and tribulations, each one of us faces strife in our life, but we also have blessings. If you open yourself up and shed some of the outer layers, you may find where love is living.”

Christie Bruffy, owner and manager of Highline Coffee Co., says, “We're thrilled to show Karen's vibrant work at the Art Space once again. We continue to support the central Ohio art community by exhibiting diverse styles of art from many of our talented area artists.”