Les Délices & Blue Heron "Songs About Hope"


8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

$12 - $30

Capital University

Huntington Recital Hall

2199 E. Main St.

Bexley, OH 43209

(614) 973-1961

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Les Délices (Debra Nagy, director) & Blue Heron (Scott Metcalfe, director) come together for this program focused on Hope (Esperance), the allegorical character from the world of the Romance of the Rose who sustains a courtly lover through the thousand pains of lovesickness and teaches him to find delight instead of suffering. Songs about Hope explores a group of 14th-century songs in the hypnotic late-medieval style dubbed the Ars subtilior or “more subtle art” that draw inspiration from each other’s words and music. Works by Machaut, Senleches, Caserta, and Galiot, and others.

Les Délices (pronounced Lay day-lease) has established a reputation for unique programs that are “thematically concise [and] richly expressive.” The New York Times added, “Concerts and recordings by Les Délices are journeys of discovery.” Nagy and Scott Metcalfe--director of Blue Heron--share a passion for late Medieval music and have collaborated on several programs: Songs about Hope is their third collaborative production. The Boston Globe called vocal ensemble Blue Heron “one of the Boston music community’s indispensables,” They recently won the 2018 Gramophone Classical Music Award for Early Music for their 5th CD dedicated to Music from the Peterhouse Partbooks. 

“Nagy’s deft programming and Les Délices’ flawless but laid-back execution make their music instantly accessible to modern audiences.” ~ ClevelandClassical.com