Maker Kids! Children's Art Program - Walk Like Yourself by Heidi Madsen


2:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Idea Foundry

421 W. State St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 804-9605

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Instructor: Heidi Madsen

Ages 7-12. Parents do not need to stay for the duration of the class. You are welcome to wait in the lobby or return at the conclusion of the class.

The clown nose is the smallest mask in the world. It doesn't hide you; rather it reveals you. In this workshop you will learn a basic clowning technique to find your walk. Learning how to amplify the qualities that make your walk unique is a metaphor for amplifying the qualities within yourself that make you Super. Clowning around helps individuals be proud of what makes them Super and see and treat others as an extension of themselves. Clowning is serious business!