Mall Bangs Prom


9:00 PM


Ace of Cups

2619 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43202

(614) 262-6001

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Archie Fox Live Presents:
Saturday, May 25 at Ace of Cups!!!

Relive your '80s Prom with fancy dresses, outlandish tuxedos, big hair and cool shades ALL HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Many surprises to be unveiled but start planning now for spiked punch, lasers for decorations, and a free prom photobooth so you and your date can remember this night forever!

For MALL BANGS PROM we'll mostly be spinning New Wave classics but we'll still toss in a few of our favorite over-the-top '80s jams!

Invite your fun friends! Let's get silly with it! It's gonna be major!