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Neurodiversity Columbus

2/8/20 - 11/14/20

Recurring monthly on the 2nd Saturday

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Community Grounds: Coffee & Meeting House

1134 Parsons Ave., Columbus, OH 43206

(614) 725-0124


Columbus Neurodiversity is a place where neurodivergent parents as well as the parents of neurodivergent children can come together to learn and share how we gently parent our children as well as support their autonomy and sense of self, and help them become strong self-advocates.

We celebrate neurodiversity here, and need to be able to talk freely and safely. To support that goal, ableism and cure talk is not welcome. This is not a group for "I love my child, but hate their autism". We aren't “fighting against” autism, our neurology is part of who we are, and is not a mask that hides a neurotypical person within.

This is also a forum for neurodivergent adults to share some of their lived experience in order to help NT parents gain a little understanding about some of the ways their children experience life in a world that frequently isn't accommodating of their needs.


We host monthly face-to-face meetings in a central location that are open to all group members, neurodivergent or not.

Visit the Neurodiversity Columbus Facebook group to become a member and join meetings: