"Phoenix 19" new work by Christopher Cropper and Arlo Moon


7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

The Vanderelli Room

218 McDowell St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 403-4689

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Two Columbus, Ohio artists, influenced by pop and urban art.

Arlo Moon, "I am a visual artist working in mixed media pop painting. As of January 2011 before that I and I still do actually I worked in oil painting mostly abstract non objective work. My goal although however lofty would be to come up with a mixture of styles and process to achieve a unique style or piece of art."

Christopher Cropper, "painting and drawing are something i've been doing for a long time,it's natural for me. and i thank God for the family and friends i have,for the people that have been here/there for me...it's all about the process and the soul. I'm of Hawaiian/Asian/European descent. I can draw and paint and hope to make a career(or as close to one as possible)out of it someday. I've lived in Ohio my whole life but have been to other places(New Mexico, Florida, Kentucky,Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Nebraska, Missiouri, Hawaii, Texas, South Carolina, Mexico, Dominican Republic).