Product Development - From Invention to Commercialization

1/17/19 - 9/12/19

Recurring every 2 weeks on Thursday

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$40 - $60

Idea Foundry

421 W. State St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 653-8068

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Learn the basics of product development, beginning with timelines and finances, through the final conceptualization of your idea for commercial release.

Get an overview of Product Development from initial idea through commercialization efforts. We will break down the important steps in this process into timelines, financial decision points, and discuss what you can do yourself and what is best left to skilled professionals.

Product Development is a complex undertaking that is both exciting and potentially expensive. Get a broad overview so you can make your plan, understand what you're working with, and what to look out for as you research your path to market.

Who should take this class: 

Anyone with a product idea that wants to understand the process to further their concept so it can be:

  1. Patented 
  2. Manufactured/Fabricated 
  3. Sold, licensed or pitched to an investor.

Important notes: 

This overview is a Non-Confidential class. Your specific ideas should remain private unless you don’t mind Public Disclosure (you can’t patent ideas if disclosed publicly).  This class does not constitute legal or financial advice and students are not clients of the instructor by taking this class.  Please consult your attorney or financial professional for advisement for your situation.  No recording devices may be used during the session.