"Rams" (Gary Hustwit, 2018) Director Gary Hustwit IN PERSON


7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

$8 - $12

Wexner Center Film/Video Theater

1871 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43210

(614) 292-3535

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Documentary filmmaker Gary Hustwit returns to the Wexner Center to present this long-awaited follow-up to his popular “Design Trilogy” of Helvetica (2007), Objectified (2009), and Urbanized (2001). Rams is a portrait of Dieter Rams, one of the most influential designers alive and long renowned for his iconic work at Braun and Vitsoe. (You’ve surely encountered one of his coffee makers, stereos, speakers, alarm clocks, or even the Oral-B toothbrush.) As with his other design docs, Hustwit provides an excellent overview of Rams’s “less but better” philosophy and process, but the film goes well beyond the world of product design into the legend’s thoughts on consumerism, materialism, and sustainability. With an original score by Brian Eno. (74 mins., DCP)