Rex Wolfe: Artist's Reception


7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

The Vanderelli Room

218 McDowell Street, Columbus, OH 43215


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Rex Wolfe is a mixed media painter, he is a Columbus native. He grew up on the east side of Columbus, he is the youngest of four. His father was a machinist, a tool and die man. His mother was a housewife.


On his mother's side his ancestors were German immigrants, they settled in German village, and started an upholstery business. His mother's father grew up on a dairy farm in Five Points, Ohio. His ancestors on his father's side were West Virginia hillbilly farmers. They ate from the crops they planted in the ground, and butchered a hog, or went rabbit hunting when they wanted some meat. His mother's people came to America to get away from wars, his father's to fight in them.


Rex attended C.C.A.D. and received a bachelor's degree in fine arts (painting). His shows in college were installations with an emphasis on creating an environment for his paintings to live in. He would collage and paint the walls of the gallery space. There would be rugs, tapestries, sculptures, handmade furniture, and found object items.


He works primarily in oils,but does a lot of collages. He incorporates collage elements in his paintings and vice versa. His day job is is renovating houses, discarded, reclaimed lumber works its way into his paintings(frames), also found object items. He studied German expressionism extensively in college.His work has German expressionism influences in it, but also Robert Rauschenberg, Shepard Fairey and Robert Williams to name a few. He is a conceptual painter in that he believes in the concept or idea. An idea for a painting will come to him, usually in the form of a title. He will put this idea into his sketchbook, it may take years for it to become an actual painting or end up in a show. The title, and the idea are important to him, in a way he is illustrating the title.


He currently resides in north Clintonville with his lovely wife Amanda, and their two children. His ten year old daughter Catalina, and their four year old son Henry.


He has been having shows since 2010. His list of shows are as follows:

April 2010 Art pad gallery Columbus- Solo show 

June 2011 Pennington galleries Clintonville- Group show

May 2012 Girl and Guy Republic gallery/hair salon Short North- Solo

August 2013 Local Bar Short North- Group show 

September 2016 Pennington galleries Clintonville, Group show

April 2017 The Vanderelli room Franklinton. Group show


He is very excited to be a part of the Franklinton up and coming art scene. It feels fresh and vital, Columbus' old neighborhood for new galleries!