Romancing and Traversing: Erasing Borders

9/4/19 - 9/29/19

Recurring weekly on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

(Not) Sheep Gallery

17 W. Russell St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 565-0314

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Not Sheep’s New Show Aims to Explore the Artificiality of Borders 

(An art show intended to upend stereotypes and bring light to media framing and nationalism) 

(Not) Sheep Gallery, located in the Short North at 17 West Russell St., represents artists who are speaking out about social issues and various controversial subjects. From September 4th-29th the gallery will be putting on a show featuring the works of Ann Kim, whose pieces for this exhibit will focus on fearmongering within the media which has been utilized by a number of governments to perpetuate the necessity of borders. Additionally, there will be an artist’s talk on September 7th, the night of Gallery Hop.

Ann Kim is a multimedia artist whose work ranges from painting to photography and video. As an avid traveler, she has become aware of the compassionate nature of people from all over the world and seeks to explore the question of why we need borders when it seems that their primary purpose is to prevent different people from seeing and understanding each other. Kim provides more insight into this in her description of her travels in Russia, stating: 

“I wanted to experience Russia, not as a caricatured stereotype we see in American media, but with real people, and not just Moscow or St. Petersburg. I did this by completing the longest railway possible, eating and sleeping with many of them on these long rides, and visiting cities both rural and metropolitan. I was a bit of a voyeur and a total outsider, but I discovered a place that was vastly different from what I had expected and realized once again that borders are artificial. We humans hold so much empathy for each other, and this makes us capable of erasing those borders which keep us apart”

(Not) Sheep is a gallery that showcases national and international artists making a statement about politics, race, ethnicity, the environment, women's issues, aging and other cultural and societal issues. It argues that art is meant to be outspoken and uninhibited in its production.