Sideways Saturday


Greater Columbus Convention Center

400 N. High St.

Exhibit Hall D

Columbus, OH 43215

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At the core of powersports are events that support, engage and keep the community excited and thriving. Sideways Saturday is a new indoor flat track race that will be held on the show floor of AIMExpo presented by Nationwide.


Bringing the spirit of heritage racing to Columbus on Saturday, September 28th, this AMA-sanctioned Indoor racing event will feature hooligans, e-bikes, wild customs and much more thanks to amateur and pro racers willing to bang bars and put it all on the line for a fun-loving crowd.


Swapping uniformed pit crews and umbrella girls for hardnosed racing ona sticky, soda syrup-drenched concrete floor, Sideways Saturday will bring together powersports industry leaders, influencers, racers, fans and riders from across the country to enjoy one of the most entertaining forms of motorcycle racing.