Soft Geometries

10/15/17 - 11/12/17

Recurring daily

Tues.-Sat. 10 a.m.-10 p.m., Sun. 1-5 p.m., Closed Mondays

Hammond Harkins Galleries

641 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 238-3000

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"Soft Geometries," curated by Andrea Myers -- October 6 through November 12. Opening Reception: Friday, October 6, 5 - 8 p.m. Drawing lines without a ruler, eyeballing measurements and inventing new mergers of geometric forms with the human hand, the artists featured in "Soft Geometries" pull from organized forms and inject with the presence of playful imperfection, some of the artists working with subtle shifts, some more overt. Through the lens of abstraction, structures and systems in the artist's works soften and become pliable, tactile, imagined and dissolve into newly invented spaces on a micro and macro scale. The resulting group exhibition brings attention to the "soft grid," an intersection of analytical systems filtered through a subjective, human experience; an interplay between left and right brain spaces.


Participating artists include; Gianna Commito, Jean Alexander Frater, Jeffrey Haase, Boryana Rusenova-Ina, Peter Christian Johnson, Jason Karolak and Andrea Myers. Also please join us on Thursday, November 2, at 6 p.m. for an artists' conversation and special performance by Colleen Leonardi, graduate of The Ohio State University's MFA program in Dance. Hammond Harkins Galleries is located at 641 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43215. Phone; (614) 238-3000. Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sundays 1-5 p.m.