Steve Aoki


1:00 PM to 8:00 PM



6835 Caine Rd., Columbus, OH 43235

(614) 224-3002

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Disco Donnie, My Best Friends Party, Peerless and Flannagan's Dublin Presents...


Saturday, August 31st
Flannagans Dublin - Columbus, OH


ON-SALE: Friday JUNE 7TH th - 1 PM

Just as big and just as magical we’re back with round 3 of Beach Blanket Bingo. Based on the huge response we have received so far for our first event we anticipate a massive crowd as we continue our summer concert series featuring tropical pool side vibes. The sun, sand, and music come together for Beach Blanket Bingo (Neon Future).

This time around we are featuring the one and only STEVE AOKI and his neon future album vibes. Forget the dystopian future of science fiction stories, where Skynet endoskeletons stomp on dry human bones or people slumbering in fluid-filled pods serve as living batteries. Electronic music producer and DJ Steve Aoki imagines a future where humans live in harmony with technology, and he’s sharing that vision of a “Neon Future" poolside at our Beach Blanket Bingo Pool Party.

“A general plot is that technology is destroying humanity,” Aoki said. “The robots are going to make us their slaves, or the human species is going to be exterminated by technology. But in this case, we are going to become augmented. ... We use technology for the good. It’s a different kind of story.”