Storytelling Writing Workshop with Omope Carter Daboiku


5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Ohio Arts Council's Riffe Gallery

77 S. High Street

Vern Riffe Center for Government and the Arts

Columbus, OH 43215


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Create a story and feel empowered in the traditional art of storytelling with a griot and artist. Registration is required. Register, Feb. 28 - March 28.


An award winning teller of tales, Omope has been affiliated with the Ohio Arts Council as an Artist-in-Education since 1990. She was among the first artists chosen for the Cincinnati Arts Associations "Artists on Tour" program and is a regular teller for public libraries, museums, schools and other cultural organizations. Her company, Homeside Cultural Programming, specializes in writing arts-based academic/multicultural curriculum. As an actress, she received rave reviews for her portrayal of Bessie Coleman, an African American barnstorming flyer who predates Amelia Earhart. 


Traditionally, storytelling has been the mechanism for maintaining a culture's collective memory. Major events were held in memory by an oral historian who retold the highlights over and over, keeping the event alive generation after generation. Other stories taught proper social interaction or explained spiritual principles and creation. Stories have helped Omope define herself. As an American of mixed ancestry born in the Appalachian hills of Southeastern Ohio, defining herself was very difficult. Listening to family elders recount the stories of talents, skills, conflict and migration helped Omope know her own worth. Omope is a griot, an oral historian, and carries responsibility for keeping memories alive for the next generation. Her residencies focus on storytelling as a traditional art form. Research into telling styles will introduce a multicultural aspect to the work, allowing students to explore such styles as blackbox oration, shadow puppetry, dance and totem creation.