SUNDAY SUPPER with Tony Layne and Por’Ketta


6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


1400 Food Lab

1400 Dublin Rd., Columbus, OH 43215

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“It’s all about family,” is a creed that Tony Layne has lived by all his life. Growing up in Gallipolis, Ohio, often in the care of his grandmothers, tending the garden, cooking and preserving food, Tony learned at an early age the value and comfort of the family meal. And it continues today with the entire Layne family engaged in the Por’Ketta food truck operations. Tony, his wife Michelle, and their kids – Allison, Caitlyn, Mariah, Conner and Hannah – all contribute to the family business and, more important to Tony, they gather frequently at home to cook and eat together.

1400 Food Lab and the Layne family invite you to join us for Sunday Supper and pull up a chair to the communal table while big platters of some of Tony’s favorite foods are passed among friends both old and new. This is what Tony likes to eat on his birthday – and oh by the way, it is! We are delighted to welcome Platform Beer as a partner in this celebratory event!

-House-made Corn Chips with Red Bean Dip
-Welcome Cocktail featuring Platform Beer Co – Columbus Project Seltzer & Watershed Distillery Spirits

-Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin, Porchetta-Style with Salsa Verde
-Beef Brisket Barbacoa with Pickled Vegetables
-Duck Fat Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Potatoes
-Pan-Seared Quick Greens with Bacon Lardon
-Braised Leeks
-Rosemary & Sea Salt Yeast Rolls
-Angel Biscuits from Matija Breads

-Recommended Platform Beer Co – Columbus Dinner Pairings:
-New Cleveland Palesner
-Haze Jude Hazy IPA
-Coffee Lawlessness Coffee Porter

-Hummingbird Cake
-Pineapple Upside Down Cake
-Assorted Macarons

Recommended Platform Beer Co – Columbus Dessert Pairing:
Rosellini Peach Rose’ Apple Ale

Beer pairings available at the bar for separate purchase.
Red and white wines also available. No mixed drinks.

Tony Layne entered food service as a teenager and worked his way through the industry from dishwasher, busboy, and server to line cook, sous chef and executive chef – from fast food to fine dining. A graduate of The Ohio State University with degrees in Economics and Finance, Tony cooked to pay for school, but soon realized a corporate career was not his destiny – it was food. As a young adult, he worked in some of Columbus’s most iconic restaurants, including Umberto’s, The Clock, 55 Group, and The Worthington Inn. And he served as Executive Chef with the Marriott Corporation for several years. Later, Tony wanted a way to work and cook with his family, building a legacy for the next generation of Laynes. He turned to long-time friend and mentor Jamie Anderson of Ray Ray’s Hogpit who advised, “Make what you like to eat.” Thus, Por’Ketta was born in March 2015 and Tony has been feeding Columbus his delicious, crispy, tender, herby oven-roasted Porchetta ever since. The Por’Ketta food truck is always in high demand during peak season and in the winter Tony and his family take over bar kitchens around the city including Parsons North Brewing Company and Platform Beer.