T.ES.U. Open Walkthrough


7:00 PM to 7:45 PM

Scioto Park

7377 Riverside Dr., Dublin, OH 43016

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Join "Nate" of T.ES.U., outdoors at Dublin's Scioto Park Amphitheater, on the evening of June 29th (weather-permitting); building trust with just some of the live, rhythmically-melodic scenes from The EmotionSnapshot Universe production (a cross between original dramatic/melodic indie pop-rock and musical theatre). 

Scioto Park - Outdoor Amphitheater
7377 Riverside Drive
Dublin, OH 43016
The storyline loosely binds things together in a seriously-sad, comic-sort-of-way. Attempting to break free from the external universe for a bit, the story-songs themselves are meant to transport the gathered emotionally inward.
Prepare ahead of time at 'NateOfTESU.com', or begin the journey at 'EmotionSnapshot.com'; free, with in-person registration (courtesy-of/administered-by 70STAR7 LIMITED). Last minute changes due to weather will be posted to the official "Nate" of T.ES.U. social media profile.
Bring a lawn chair and a friend (or two) who might enjoy discovering something new!
"Nurture life's treasure hunt!"
- "Nate" of T.ES.U.