Taco Truck Tour

4/3/16 - 10/30/16

Sunday 4-7 p.m.


Columbus Aquatic Center

1160 Hunter Ave. (Near 5th and High Street), Columbus, OH 43201


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Taco trucks serve up far more than just tacos, and nobody knows Columbus's expansive taco truck scene better than Columbus Food Adventures. This van tour will explore the taco trucks of west side, taking you to some of our favorites and providing you with the best of Mexican food in Columbus. Each stop includes a tasting, and the tour is structured with an emphasis on individual truck specialties as well as the diversity of regional cuisine found at these trucks. If you want to find out what the buzz has been about, or want to learn more about authentic Mexican food, this is the tour for you. This tour is suitable for those who have never visited a taco truck as well as those who are looking to explore new trucks and dishes.