The 7th Annual St. James Tavern Valentine's Day Theatre Shorts Festival


7:00 PM to 8:15 PM

St. James Tavern

1057 N. 4th St., Columbus, OH 43201


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It's the 7 year itch. For the 7th straight year, OGP makes your Valentine's Day more romantic, funnier, and boozier with a collection of 6 short new plays all set at the St. James Tavern.


Showtime: 7 p.m. Wednesday February 14 

Tickets: Free, but the beer and vodka aren't 


7 new shows this year, including entries from OGP stalwarts like Christopher Lockheardt, Mark Harvey Levine, Deborah Chava Singer, Laura Spires, Vivian Lermond and Jerome Wetzel along with an OGP debut by Kristin Green. If youre not already in love, you will be by the end of the night. And as always with OGP, chaos is guaranteed. You should probably take Thursday off.  


For more info on The St. James Tavern, go to:

Featured shows: 

V Day by Vivian Lermond

Go Back by Jerome Wetzel

Hungry for More by Laura Spires

47 Minutes by Kristin Green

A Little More Time by Mark Harvey Levine

Issue #85 by Christopher Lockheardt

The Seven Year Email by Deborah Chava Singer