The Get Up Kids


7:30 PM

$20 - $24

A&R Music Bar

391 Neil Ave, Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 461-5483

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The Get Up Kids perform live at A&R Music Bar with special guest Remember Sports

The Get Up Kids' hyper melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and punk-driven, high-energy sound helped them become one of the most popular and influential of the second wave of emo bands that crested in the late '90s. After a series of singles and a scrappy debut album, 1997's Four Minute Mile, they released the critically acclaimed Something to Write Home About album in 1999.

Over the next few years, their sound shifted to a more mature and measured approach. Though the band split in 2005, they were playing live shows together again by the late 2000s and returned to the studio sporadically to record new music, including 2011's self-released full-length There Are Rules and 2018's Kicker EP, which harked back to the energetic emo-pop sound of their early days.

-Heather Phares