The John | The Pope Ondine Story (Andy Warhol, 1966)


7:00 PM to 9:40 PM

$5 - $9

Wexner Center Film/Video Theater

1871 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43210

(614) 292-3535

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The John | The Pope Ondine Story (Andy Warhol, 1966) 


The John stars Ed Hood and Patrick Fleming in the story of two men in bed whose assignation gets interrupted by a series of friends and neighbors. All four reels of The John were included in early screenings of The Chelsea Girls, but ultimately only reels three and four were kept. Eventually, The John was made available separately in either a single- or double-screen version. (66 mins., digital video)

In The Pope Ondine Story, Ondine (actor Robert Olivo) and Factory penitents including Rene Ricard and Angelina “Pepper” Davis converse only inches apart from each other in simulated confessional. In one notorious highlight, Ondine shoots up and slaps Rona Page in a moment of vicious, unrehearsed violence. (99 mins., digital video)

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