The Other Side of Wonder


6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Angela Meleca Gallery

144 E. State Street, Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 340-6997


Angela Meleca Gallery is pleased to announce "The Other Side of Wonder," presenting new works by painter Sean Foley. Foley is a painter based in Worthington, Ohio and Southwest Harbor, Maine.    


Sean Foley has always been interested in mingling figurative and abstract imagery by playing with ideas of the grotesque. His previous works were colorful and riotous paintings, drawings and installations that induced a carnivalesque visual experience. Foley's works were always intended to provoke an imaginative interpretive occasion for the viewer outside the artist's intent. However, after the artist's long running, parallel academic research in the experience and concept of wonder, he began to question what could be its opposite? This new body of work originated from this question and a re-evaluation of his work by considering depression as the opposite of wonder and more grotesque in the monstrous sense. The imagery in this exhibition is a rumination and exploration in developing imagery that reflects these new ideas.