The Sick World of Doctor Show

10/5/18 - 10/27/18

10:00 PM


MadLab Theatre

227 N. 3rd. St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 221-5418

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Experience the THRILL of your LIFETIME as Savage Tech's Horror Show Host Trio take the stage! Are your ready for MONSTERS in your comedy? How about SCARILY FUNNY short films? Could you brave this CRAZED HYBRID performance, intermingling between the realms of LIVE action and VIDEO screens, breaking through every fourth wall imaginable in GLORIOUS 3-D? Then HURRY! Get those tickets NOW to see The Sick World of Doctor Show in "MONSTER MAYHEM!" - select nights this OCTOBER for MadLab's Late Night series!

The Sick World of Doctor Show is one of the most unique and unapologetically fun productions to take Columbus. Savage Tech's horror-comedy creation blends an offbeat sense of humor, a love of classic monster movies, and more than a little flying candy to create an immersive, wildly silly, and distinctly creative experience unlike anything else in town. If you haven't seen a Doctor Show before, this Halloween season at MadLab is the perfect time to catch this wacky ride of hilarious horror!