The Visceral Hand - Group Exhibition

1/14/17 - 1/31/17

Recurring weekly on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


1200 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43201

(614) 294-8697


Rivet begins our tenth year and 2017 programming with Visceral Hand. A group exhibition curated by Joshua Johnson and Michael Weigman. The Visceral Hand Traditional printmaking is built on the foundation of the physical mark. Carving into a woodblock, engraving into a copper plate, drawing on a stone these techniques rely on the labor, draftsmanship, and skill of the artist. Such techniques allow artists to communicate social and internal issues while presenting a point of view with a sensibility and directness beyond that of photographic replication. Visceral, hand-drawn images have engaged the public for centuries, and have been a central component in the documentation of human folly. Oftentimes exposing the corruption and brutality of a regime, such as in Goya's Disasters of War, or diminishing the romanticized nature of a conflict, as seen in Otto Dix's Der Kriegetchings. Their images remain relevant day due to the frank depiction of violence as seen through the artist. This exchange is meant to celebrate this tradition; to push artists to confront issues of violence and conflict directly, or to challenge the legacy of this tradition. Selected artists can use traditional printmaking techniques (Woodcut, Intaglio, Serigraphy, Lithography etc.). No digital print work will be accepted. All imagery must be created by the artists, not appropriated, unless directly through the artist's own mark making. Exhibiiton Dates: Jan 14 - Jan 31 Reception Date: Jan 28, 7-9pm Contact Rivet for any information regarding artists or work in exhibition. See you at the show.