THIS by Melissa James Gibson

3/28/19 - 4/13/19

Recurring daily

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$1 - $50

Studio Two, Riffe Center

77 S. High Street, Columbus, OH 43215


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This by Melissa James Gibson, directed by Acacia Duncan. This cryptic and accessible sad comedy focuses with fascination on what goes missing in contemporary life. A close group of middle-aged friends struggle to define the purpose of their lives. But the trouble is, they only look inward and believe that their world is the only one that matters. A beautiful and troubling look at how pointlessly we obsess over what ultimately isnt very significant. The New York Times says "Its confused but lovable characters are drawn with a fine focus and a piercing emotional depth" and "the play's delicate pace, richly patterned wordplay and undercurrent of rue combine to cast a moving spell that lingers in the memory, like a sad-sweet pop song whose chorus you cant shake." 'NY Times.