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Thurber House Special Event: Humorist John Moe


7:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Columbus Museum of Art

480 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 464-1032

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Join Thurber House in welcoming humorist John Moe for a special literary event on May 13. This event will conclude with a book signing.

About the Book and Author

John Moe is a critically-acclaimed public radio personality and the host and creator of the award-winning hit podcast, The Hilarious World of Depression. For years, Moe struggled with depression; it plagued his family and claimed the life of his brother in 2007. As Moe came to terms with his own illness, he saw similar patterns of behavior and coping mechanisms in others, including high-profile comedians who’d struggled with the disease.

Inspired by the success of his podcast, Moe has turned The Hilarious World of Depression into a book—part memoir of his own journey, and part treasure trove of laugh-out-loud stories and insights drawn from years of interviews with some of the most brilliant minds. Throughout the course of this powerful narrative, depression’s universal themes come to light: struggles with identity, lack of understanding of the symptoms, the challenges of work-life, self-medicating, the fallout of the disease in the lives of our loved ones, the tragedy of suicide, and more.