Transtemporal Reaction

2/14/20 - 3/7/20

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ROY G BIV Gallery for Emerging Artists

435 W. Rich St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 297-7694

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Since 1989 the ROY G BIV Gallery for Emerging Artists has nurtured and supported emerging artists by providing education, juried feedback, sought-after exposure to the community and space to exhibit their work. 

February 14 - March 7 

ROY presents: Eli Kessler & Eun Young Cho

Eli reveals, "As a visual artist, I approach object-making as a way to investigate the self in relation to complex social structures and cultural phenomena. The process of making becomes a creative inquiry that connects idea to form and material to content. Within this process, ideology and iconography are cut up, rematerialized, and arranged in an attempt to find meaning. The resulting sculptures invite the viewer to contemplate the symbolism and materiality within, inciting one to question the embedded concept. The value of my artwork is in its ability to create a discussion beyond the edges of its form and address ideas beyond the walls of the gallery." 

Eun writes, "I make drawings of language. My attempt is to visualize what is beyond everyday language I encounter that may blur the distinction between what I sense and image through the very medium I could not get beyond. I make works through the means of adding and subtracting and layering and transposing within the system I impose, with the materials relative to my perception of language. My strategy is to reassemble the fragments of a whole to make something new that is both dependent on and free from language. I blend conceptual art, linguistic and translation theories, and techniques of inscription in my practice to interpret ways texts and images come into existence."

ROY shares: Taylor Norberg  "With my pictures I do two things:  pull serenity from the natural world through gesture; an affinity for and grasping of line, and marry those gestural tendencies with figures that create high conceptions.