Virtual First Tuesday Tea - August


12:00 PM to 1:00 PM


867 Mount Vernon Avenue, Columbus, 43203

(614) 645-5464

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First Tuesday Tea is an informal forum that allows seniors ages 55+ to engage in dialogue about art, music, literary interests, as well as social and current issues. Sessions include presentations by guest artists and community leaders.

Come rejuvenate and enjoy yourself with yoga for any size, shape or fitness level. Systar Roni, certified yoga instructor, will guide you through a restorative class that uses both a yoga mat and a chair to assist you in reaching a state of relaxation and appreciation for your body. You will experience deep, rhythmic breathing accompanied by simple yet effective stretches in a safe and comfortable setting. When the mind quiets down and your body resolves patterns of tension, then harmony and well-being are naturally restored.

We are switching from Youtube Live to Zoom in hopes for easier access.

To prepare, join Zoom by going to and downloading the Desktop and/or Mobile Zoom application.

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Meeting ID: 820 8847 2434
Passcode: 175390

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No children, men are welcome.

Come sip some tea and be…

First Tuesday Tea is generously funded by the Isabelle Ridgway Foundation.