Way of a Gaucho (Jacques Tourneur, 1952)


2:15 PM to 3:45 PM

$5 - $9

Wexner Center Film/Video Theater

1871 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43210

(614) 292-3535

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Shot in Argentina in eye-popping Technicolor, Way of a Gaucho stars Rory Calhoun as the heroic leader of a gang of gauchos who’s on the run from his former military commander after deserting. He falls in love with aristocratic Gene Tierney and they plan an escape to Chile. In the Andes, he learns that she’s pregnant and concludes he must do the right thing and return to face justice. Jacques Tourneur is best known for such classics as the horror staple Cat People (1942) and the film noir Out of the Past (1947). (95 mins., 4K DCP)

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