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Weird Wednesday - Chompers and Ma Baker


9:00 PM


The Summit

2216 Summit St., Columbus, OH 43201

(203) 517-6822

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Weird Wednesday - Chompers and Ma Baker
4/15/2020 at The Summit Music Hall
2210 Summit St. | Columbus, Ohio

Chompers is a Denver-based, genre-fluid band that showcases their progressive rock, funk, electronica and hip-hop roots with an ethereal sound best described as jam-fusion. Chompers takes their music seriously; they just don’t take themselves too seriously. With members from New York, Philadelphia, and North Carolina, they’ve drawn from a deep bank of influences and are quickly gaining momentum in the live music scene due to their unique blend of styles.
Two constants of their many facets are intricate compositions and humor. Chompers combine a lofty and ambitious approach to songwriting with effortless wit and personality to create tunes that are equally catchy and challenging. The four-piece delivers a little bit of everything, no filler, and tons of fun. They are ahead of the curve, a throwback to sounds that don’t exist yet, an enigma to classify and a blast to watch.

Ma Baker
An experience that combines the unorthodox nature of improvisation with the feel-good attitude of funk and soul, Ma Baker, is a jam-fusion band from Ann Arbor, MI whose genuine joy for the music is contagious.