What? Music and Arts Festival


$20 - $35

400 West Rich

400 W. Rich St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 519-1907

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What? Music and Arts Festival returns for its second year on July 27, 2019, inviting attendees to experience big festival ambiance in the close-knit Franklinton community. The festival is a daylong event featuring art, music, interactive experiences, health and wellness, food, and culture—all coming together to spark a full day and night of curiosity and creativity.

Festival goers can tour the art gallery featuring 150+ artists representing a mixture of creative mediums; stir their soul with a variety of musical artists performing live on two custom-built stages; immerse themselves in interactive experiences that encourage play, thought and wonderment; and ground their mind, body and soul through a series of holistic wellness workshops and activities.

What? Music and Arts Festival 2019 will be held at 400 West Rich, a dynamic, multi-functional arts complex—a place for the creative class to meet, network, collaborate, brainstorm and do what they do best—create. This venue is perfectly located in Franklinton, the center of the Columbus’ maker culture and independent art scene. 

Our multi-generational, multi-cultural attendees create a palpable synergy that defines the festival’s vibe. Ultimately, the connection, creation, and collaboration among festival goers makes the event what it is.