Where The Wild Things Are

4/2/19 - 4/27/19

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Columbus Cultural Arts Center

139 W. Main St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 645-7047

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Where The Wild Things Are
featuring Evangelia Philippidis & Judith Vierow
April 2-29, 2019
Artists' Reception: Friday, April 5 | 6-8 p.m. 

Where The Wild Things Are highlights the work of Evangelia Philippidis and Judith Vierow. They each use a unique medium to portray the animals and nature around them that brings inspiration to their work.  

For more details, visit: http://bit.ly/2SR8Pvo 


Evangelia Philippidis, Ms. Maleficent, Scratchboard

Judith Vierow, Friendly Dogs, Acrylic

Evangelia Philippidis, 3 French Hens, Scratchboard

Judith Vierow, Armadillo Mama, Acrylic


"When I look at nature I find unconditional love and magical majesty which is at once quiet but also will not be silenced. I draw on the world around me and the animals I meet to inspire me to create nature inspired images . Beyond the fun aspects and antics which wildlife entertains me with I am moved to make my audience aware of man’s often destructive influences on habitat. I aspire to subtly make the viewer aware of what we are risking but also offering hope that we will continue to grow as responsible caretakers of the this magical blue planet." -Evangelia Philippidis