Workshop Intensive: Lost Wax Casting - Two Session Class


11:00 AM to 6:00 PM


The Smithery Studio

1365 Grandview Ave., Grandview Heights, OH 43212

(614) 867-5780

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Workshop Intensive: Lost Wax Casting

Two Session Class

Class meets two Sundays with a lunch break each day.

Sunday, January 26th 11am-6pm

Sunday, February 2nd 11am-5pm

This technique intensive workshop is designed to give students a foundational understanding and experience of the lost wax casting process from wax carving to casting.

Day 1: 

We will be going over the concepts of casting for creating sculptural jewelry. Instruction will be given to use various types of wax, and techniques for carving, building, and relief work. Each student will get an opportunity to explore each of these methods of wax working while designing rings of their own. Students will select one or two pieces to cast in sterling silver or bronze. We will discuss proper safety while working in the studio. 

Between the class sessions, the instructors will prepare the investment molds. The molds will be burned out prior to the following Sunday class session so they will be ready to cast on Day 2.

Day 2:

We will remove each flask from the kiln and each student will have the opportunity to melt their metal of choice and complete the casting with the centrifugal caster. We will go over the steps to remove the sprues, and clean up the final castings. Students will leave with completed rings.

Class Fee $325, includes: 

-12 hours of instruction and guided assistance in the studio

-Instructor time to sprue, make investment molds, and run a kiln burnout between sessions.

-All required tools and equipment

-Safety glasses and aprons.

Workshop Materials Fee: $35 (payment due at first class)

-All wax used for carving, building, spruing

-Investment plaster

-Consumables (sawblades, sandpaper, burs, gas, etc)

Materials fee: Variable (payment due at second class)

-Bronze or Silver based on the weight of the rings made. (Plan for $5-50 per ring, most sterling rings average around $30)

-This will be determined on Day 1 of the class for each student.

What you should bring: 

-Eyeglasses for close up work

-Closed toed shoes

-Long pants and sleeves. Dress in layers for the casting day.

-Hairtie for long hair

-Notebook and pen


This workshop is open to any student ages 16+. No experience is required. Good eyesight and hand dexterity are a must.

This workshop has a max of 8 students.  

This workshop is located in our NEW studio, located at 1365 Grandview Avenue, directly behind Figlio.

Our studio is located only a block away from our retail shop, so you can park once to both shop and take your workshop!