Youth Biz Lemonade Festival Workshop


1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Grandview Heights Public Library

1685 W. First Ave., Columbus, OH 43212


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Ages 5-18
Interested in participating in the 5th Annual Franklin County Youth Lemonade Festival on July 14-July 15? Prepare for this event by attending this workshop at the library. Learn about building a lemonade stand, customer-service, special recipes, food safety tips, financing and marketing a lemonade stand, obtaining a stand license, and much more. Register for this prep workshop and learn more about the event at  


At the 5th Annual Franklin County Youth Lemonade Festival, there will be youth lemonade stands in drive-ways, street corners and in front of businesses. Prizes will be awarded for top sales, best stand, top charitable giving, youth lemonade entrepreneur of the year and more.