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Columbus is quickly becoming known as an "up and coming gay city" ( with its lively neighborhoods, wealth of art galleries and bustling LGBT scene. The Municipal Equality Index (MEI) even says, "Columbus is a national leader for LGBTQ Equality."

Travel Pulse: Arch City Offers Surprises for Queer Travelers

The city has received many positive reviews from LGBTQ travelers over the past few years—so my fiancé and I decided to venture to the self-proclaimed “Arch City” for a long weekend to see what the fuss was about. READ MORE

How to Spend 48 Hours in Columbus from City Lifestyle Atlanta

Columbus is full of energy and maintains a down-home vibe. The citizens are warm, welcoming, and wrapped in global perspectives that manifest in a welcoming spirit for arts, music, and extracurricular activities while celebrating PRIDE and LGBTQ

Columbus Treats All The Traveler’s Senses

It was September of last year when I was reintroduced to Columbus, Ohio, and it was all thanks to a drag queen. Columbus, Ohio Is Front And Center In West’s New Music Video & It’s Starting Some Conversations was the post I wrote after watching Nina

Gay Travel Guide to Columbus

The first thing I noticed at check-in was the city’s tourism magazine. The cover featured a same-sex couple with their adorable little girl. And, no, this wasn’t a LGBTQ-specific guide. This was the Experience Columbus Visitor Guide for all visitors.

“Art after Stonewall” Virtual Tour

More than 50 years after Stonewall, the Columbus Museum of Art in Ohio has created the first national museum show exploring the impact of the Stonewall Uprising on the visual arts. Art after Stonewall, 1969-1989 looks at two decades of artists


Just before the U.S.-Canada border closed, I manage a few days in Columbus, checking out the incredible Art After Stonewall exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art. It’s also an opportunity to scour the town, touted as one of the fastest-growing cities

Pride Journey Outdoors: Columbus

What a lot of people don't realize about Columbus, Ohio is that it's an LGBTQ mecca of the Midwest. The city is located within a short drive of other major cities, which makes it the perfect location for a weekend getaway. I've been to Columbus many


The modern Mid West’s favourite boom town is still booming. Columbus is kind of like the overlooked middle child that never gets the attention it’s due. Slowly reinventing itself since the early 1980s, the 14 th biggest city in the United States (with

15 queer art shows you can virtually tour now

This year was meant be a phenomenal year for LGBTQ-themed art exhibitions around the world — until March and the coronavirus pandemic came along, shuttering museums and putting the planet on lockdown. Most physical shows slated for this spring will

Take a Virtual Tour Through This “Art after Stonewall” Exhibition

The 1969 uprising in New York City changed the art world—and the world at large—forever. More than 50 years after the famed riots, the Columbus Museum of Art in Ohio has created the first national museum show exploring the impact of the Stonewall