Fulfillment Center Tours

11999 National Rd SW, Etna, OH 43062


The Amazon fulfillment center tour offers public tours in 47 sites globally, allowing visitors to see what it’s like to work in a fulfillment center as well as get a glimpse of the great technology and amazing people that make Amazon what it is today.  The Etna, Ohio Amazon fulfillment center provides free public tours at least twice per day, Monday through Saturday in addition to hosting many private groups consisting of schools, youth organizations, customers, businesses, media, politicians, and more. 

From our world class Tour Leaders to the fulfillment center tour experience itself, we strive to create a fun experience, and we think you just might learn something in the process. 

If you’ve ever wondered how that product in your online shopping cart gets from Amazon to you, now is your chance to come see for yourself.   We are proud to showcase our public tour program and we look forward to your visit.