Blue Laser Design Inc.

300 Marconi Blvd.

Ste. 302

Columbus, OH 43215




BLUE Laser Design is an award winning creative agency that gets brands and people to connect. From websites to mobile apps, our talented team of creatives can make just about anything happen! Our designs and campaigns don’t just talk, they listen, understand, and emote. We admire both those who create the box and think outside it.

When working with us you can expect a straightforward approach to your project and budget. Whatever the assignment, from advertising, research, branding, SEO, responsive website design to ongoing marketing, maintenance and support, we’re always able to successfully meet and fulfill our client’s expectations.

People over profit, innovation over idleness, fun over flat; we want the ideas we build to inspire. In the end, we just love designing interaction, and we want that interaction to have meaning.