Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District

23 N. 4th St., Columbus, OH 43215



About Downtown Columbus The Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District encompasses downtown Columbus, and features many of Columbus' attractions. Theater row is located downtown, and often features national acts. The Ohio Statehouse, capitol building for the State of Ohio, and many fortune 500 companies are located in the downtown skyscrapers. The district is safe and walkable thanks to the Captial Crossroads Special Improvement District ambassadors, and can be an exciting area to explore during a busy workday, or a weekend stroll. Visitors Visitors to the downtown will find many public parking garages easy to navigate sidewalks. Pedestrian way-finding kiosks are located on most corners; they feature maps with directions to nearby dining, shopping, and attractions. A mobile visitor center can be found at different locations, usually nearby to where events are occurring. Knowledgeable people who can help you find your way around the city staff the I-Cart. Escort and safety services are available free from the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District. Call 614-228-5718.