Cheers to you! Watershed Distillery

1145-D Chesapeake Ave., Columbus, OH 43221

(614) 357-1936


Join us for a tour of Watershed Distillery - one of Columbus's first micro-distilleries since Prohibition. Known for producing small-batch, artisan vodka, gin, and bourbon using a custom built copper still, tours of Watershed Distillery include our history, what it takes to make our signature Four Peel Gin, and an optional tasting of all four spirits produced on-site. From milling our own corn to numbering each bottle by hand, touring Watershed shares what it takes for a micro-distillery to operate. Cheers!

Booking Details:
Minimum Tour Group: 10
Maximum Tour Group: 40
Tour Length: 1 1/2 hours
Availability: By appointment only.
Pricing: $15, includes sampling.

Maggie McClain
1145 Chesapeake Ave.
Columbus, OH 43221


  • Distance to Airport (Miles): 9.5
  • Distance to Convention Center (Miles): 3.5
  • Dog Friendly: No

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