Creative Distinctions

P.O. Box 340783, Columbus, OH 43234

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About Us

Creative Distinctions LLC is celebrating ten years in operation. The balloon décor company, formerly called Balloons and Tunes, was started 16 years before that. In 2008, Balloons and Tunes changed its name to Creative Distinctions, LLC and expanded its focus to the corporate market. Then in 2017 Sindria, LLC bought Creative Distinctions and continues to grow the business. Everyone needs balloons, even during a depressed economy. With continued training and attending various balloon conferences, which sparked innovative ideas in balloon décor, Creative Distinctions, LLC continued to thrive. In 2011, computer handheld devices like the iPad, and iPhone, were becoming the new tools for consumer shopping. To keep up with technology and our customer needs, we developed the Build-a-Bouquet to give our customers a shopping experience from the home or office.


About the Owner

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, Mike Richards never imagined that one day he would become a balloon artist. Mike has been married for over 16 years and has three wonderful children he hopes to get involved in the business in the future. Mike is the President, CEO of Sindria, LLC, which owns Creative Distinctions, LLC. The business specializes in balloon décor for events and parties, as well as balloon sculptures, and gift baskets.  Knowing so much about Columbus makes it easy to work with the team to plan, organize and execute décor for all kinds of events, including corporate functions, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, retirements, school dances, sporting events and other festive occasions.


There is a lot more to balloons than just inflating them and tying them to string. Symmetry, precision, creativity, an eye for balance, color and design all go into a successful project. Mike's background as a sales manager and very handy building experience has been invaluable as the company hones their balloon art skills. Mike puts in 40-50 hours of work each week, meets with clients, comes up with the ideas and builds out the designs. Our team is very artistic, very three-dimensional, so balloons are great for us. When we have an elaborate idea, our team is good at executing it.


Mike participates in conventions, classes, conferences and competitions to learn new balloon techniques and improve his skills. The reason for developing the Build-a-Bouquet, was to give our customers a shopping experience from the comforts of their home or office and to increase our revenues with our balloon deliveries. We have partnered with our balloon vendors to insure we can re-create any bouquet that a customer creates without stocking every balloon available. Since the publishing of the Build-a-Bouquet in early February, 2013, we have already noticed efficiency in gathering customer information, production cost, and inventory. We can offer every balloon available from our vendors, organize and gather information from our customers, and increase profits with our delivery service. Our customers like using the Build-a-Bouquet because it is user-friendly, they know exactly what is being delivered, and more importantly, the program is fun to use.