Das KaffeeHaus von Frau Burkhart

1036 South Front Street, Columbus, OH 43206

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Das KaffeeHaus von Frau Burkhart (vFB) embodies a very edgy European cafe (i.e. coffeehouse) feel and format that one might find in ANY European urban center blended with cafe, bakeries, Biergarten and edgy pub style undertones. The elements that one would find unique about modern European cafes are VERY constant throughout Europe: the coffees themselves to the eclectic atmosphere, music, attitude, and again “pub style” undertones. These elements, however, are a far cry from what Americans have been told coffeehouses should be (quiet, dark/soft, impersonal, west coast, unrefined and indie style shops). Even though Das KaffeeHaus vFB is distinctly German and influenced by mostly the modern cafe/Biergarten/club scene in and around Germany – it is still a very broad interpretation of what you would find throughout cafes in Europe. Our concept is of a blended modern German Kaffeehaus/cafe/Biergarten which takes into account the availability of coffee and standard coffee drinks in almost every cafe, club and pub in Germany (very different from similar venues here in the USA). Whereas the traditional “German Coffeehouse” is quiet and “upscale” (similar to English tea rooms), our interpretation is closer to a German cafe (what Germans call cafes - are closer to our concept). There are, however, über modern Kaffeehaus/EDM clubs in the Northwest region of Germany that influenced our concept (Kaffeehäuser by day and EDM clubs by night) as well - although more sparse, these places in particular and the Kaffee they served were also instrumental in our concept - keep in mind, Joseph our creator, visited such establishments in Germany and blended many of his experiences of Germany into this unique concept. To the German purists that visit this site/company: This company strives to be an honest American interpretation of the modern German cafe (we would call a coffeehouse in America) - it is a culmination of many-many extended stays in Germany with particular detail given to MODERN bakeries/cafe Kaffeekultur/Biergarten spaces that we have blended together with our German-American Cincinnati background. This is OUR interpretation, OUR production, & OUR artistic license. We love Germany & our German family heritage from Cincinnati - with that said, we will not please every one of you - we DO however welcome your inputs on authenticity. On a related note; our choice to utilize the term “KaffeeHaus” / “Kaffeehäuser” as it pertains to our company: Where Americans expect to find this kind of coffee service is refereed to as a coffeehouse; again, an establishment of the same name in Germany we realize is a "tea room" style of venue - we are only attempting to capture the essence of what would be called a coffeehouse in America by emulating the availability of like styled menus in many different venues throughout Germany, Austria and Europe for that matter (cafe, Biergartens, pubs, etc.). More plainly put - the word "KaffeeHaus" much more easily translates to the American "Coffeehouse" in meaning to a non-German speaker. Keep in mind that we are marketing to a large American coffee-centric demographic. Our company is a "blended" expression of all our German experiences wrapped up in the European expression and culture of coffee! Amy (a.k.a. "Frau Burkhart" - a nickname given to her during her military career) and Joe Contino met in the military and the company they started is a culmination of many trips to Germany and Europe. Frau Burkhart springs from a long line of German lineage. With her family names of Burkhart (maiden), Nussbaum, and Bier. Frau Burkhart grew up in the very Germanic communities of Cincinnati, Ohio (a.k.a. Zinzinnati). Joe is a 3rd generation Italian (Italian?) and is still an active duty Lt. Colonel & pilot in the military that travels to Germany and Europe on a regular basis. Our Das KaffeeHaus German blend is a recipe that was derived from our favorite Kaffee in Germany - Plum's Kaffee based in Aachen, Germany (www.plumskaffee.de). However, ours is a proprietary blend that is distinctly our own. Why is it so different - clean finishing - less harsh, and brilliant!? Well, it is a far cry from what Americans have been told to expect by the current coffee establishment – it is NOT dripped espresso or even close to it. It is a German light roast (by our standards – BOLD by German standards) that is found throughout Germany. Our espresso IS an Italian style espresso that you would typically find in any European coffeehouse – ours is an “old school” very dark Vienna-Italian espresso – NOT the current hipster trend: very light roast espresso beans which oftentimes produce a bitter espresso shot changing the entire profile of any coffee drink. Our music helps define us! A true sensory experience - you will hear the frequencies of modern EDM, Techo, Electronica & Dub Step - a crisp MODERN German club scene and Euro dance club statement - we blend it into our edgy KaffeeHaus platform to expose our customers to the cutting edge of the modern German music scene. Again capturing the feel and atmosphere of a few specific Biergarten/EDM clubs in the northwest region of Germany, that serve as Pub/KaffeeHaus during the day, and EDM club at night. All of our authentic German and German inspired pastries are handmade FRESH daily. Taste the variety of what we consider to be typical German Bavarian “street” pastries found in almost ANY KaffeeHaus throughout Southern Germany! it is not odd to find Italian pastries on the menu from time to time as well.