Grandview Area Chamber

2011 Riverside Drive

Suite 010

Columbus, OH 43221

(614) 486-0196


About Grandview Heights Founded in the 1890s, Marble Cliff was Columbus' first suburb. In 1906 Grandview Heights became its own suburb seperate from Marble Cliff, but the two share common services in modern times. Although it is less than a mile from downtown Columbus and well within I-270, driving into Grandview feels as though you're entering a charming small town. Independent shopping, local art galleries, and an upscale dining scene make Grandview Heights a must-visit destination during a Columbus trip. About the Grandview Area Chamber The Grandview Area Chamber is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports an environment for development, growth and success of the area's business community. For information on the Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff areas, call 614-486-0196.